Saturday, July 8, 2017

Upper Stoney Lake I

Today I am sitting the last day of Art on Kent before it closes its doors for the last time.

While sitting the gallery I worked on a drawing that I had started a while ago (see post on 24 August 2015).

I was at Quarry Bay Beach on Stoney Lake and after a nice swim and lunch I relaxed and did a couple of sketches of the nearby islands.

I started with the land in the background by putting in the distant trees with vertical strokes adding in the closer trees with more definition and then putting in the rocks beneath the rocks.

Working on both sides of the drawing I started by putting in the rocks and adding the shadows.

Next I added all the pine and cedar trees onto the islands and then I put grasses and growies at the base of the trees and in various place in among the rocks.

Lastly I added the water ripples and some the reflections from the pine and cedar trees.

This original 4-1/2" x 9” pen and ink drawing when matted and shrink wrapped will be available for $40.00.