Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Life 4-6 - Three Works in Progress

I did the background for three still life paintings yesterday that had a vase with Chinese Lanterns and dried Queen Anne's Lace.

Today I am going to do the backgrounds for three paintings using an old enamel coffee pot filled with a mixture of flowers and at a later date will develop the third still life of the enamel water pitcher.

There were many things I learned from painting yesterday's backgrounds and I wanted to do a few things differently today especially since I can change the colours of the flowers.

Still Life 4

I liked the streaky effect I got with Still Life 2 from yesterday and thought I would try it again today but changing the way the colours were mixed slightly and using more burnt sienna in some areas along with the French ultramarine blue and raw sienna.

I liked the soft effect of the mauve in Still Life 3 from yesterday but I wanted something bolder and richer looking.

Still Life 5

To do that I added some Antwerp blue to the mixture and more alizarin crimson to the French ultramarine blue.

For the third painting I used almost pure Antwerp blue with a touch of French ultramarine blue to tone it down slightly.

I have set these paintings aside to dry and will post each one as they are completed.

Still Life 6