Sunday, November 11, 2018

Brass I

This is another drawing that I did in the KAGS Still Life class (see post on 08 November 2018) this one features items make of brass.

It was very hard to make a selection and for this one I chose a creamer, a large bowl and a platter. There was also a bell, an ornament of a pear, a bud vase and a small bowl but, I thought would be overkill if I included everything.

I started on the left side of the paper and the first thing I put in was the large brass platter resting upright on a plate holder.

Next I put the creamer in front of the platter overlapping it on the right side.

On the right side I put in the large bowl and added the folds of the material which was behind and below all of the items on the table.

I will post the third drawing tomorrow after I have more work on it completed.