Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dusk 8 and 10 - Two Works in Progress

Today as I was waiting for a couple of my friends to come over and pick me up so we can go to Curry's and buy some art supplies, I took out these two little paintings that I had started earlier this year (see post on 09 March 2017).

On the first one I indicated the far shoreline across the lake.

For now I will leave the foreground alone, as I am not quite sure if I want to put land and trees there or rocks.

On the second one which has a lot more sky, I put land on the horizon line.

Then I indicated a small island closer to the foreground.

Dusk 8

Now that my friends have arrived I will put both of these paintings away for now and I will post them again at a later date once they have been completed.

Dusk 10