Monday, September 10, 2018

Travel Trailer

Today we went out to Gananoque to the 1000 Islands RV Centre to pick up our new travel trailer.

This is the only trailer that I have not actually been in, but when Ron came home with all the information about it and that he liked it more than any of the other trailers we had looked at over the last four months.

After I went over the floor plan, saw the colour and it had a fairly large table that I can paint at with plenty of light. It had many of the things we both wanted, the bed and the table that didn't have to be folded down and set back up.

The one thing that both of us liked was that even when the slide out is on the inside there was a separate door that allowed entry to the bathroom; which is a good idea when you are out on the road in the middle of nowhere.

We went through the orientation on the trailer, about all the parts and pieces and how they work as well as showing us how everything worked.

Then we picked up a number of things that we needed in the RV store and returned home with the trailer in tow.

We will probably take the trailer out one weekend soon, before it gets too cold to go camping.