Friday, March 25, 2016

Lazy River 3 - A Work in Progress

This morning I had to break off just over 1/2" (15mm) of ice from the top of the barrels that contain the bird seed before I could fill all the feeders.

Needless to say, the entire driveway is once again a skating rink and sliding down to the barn to do chores was an interesting experience.

Today I pulled out this painting that I have been working on now and then for a number of years (see posts on 23 December 2011 and 07 May 13).

I started by using a sponge and a mixture of new gamboge and cadmium yellow. Then I added in some leaves to the tops of the background trees and a few into the maple tree in among the foreground pines.

Using a dark mix of French ultramarine blue and raw sienna I added more needles onto the foreground pine trees.

With straight cadmium yellow I added some grasses and growies at the base of the background and foreground trees.

I will post this painting again once it has been completed.