Monday, June 20, 2016

Moonlight 1-6

We have a beautiful full moon tonight and I thought it would be a good idea to do drawings of scenes with a full moon.

In the back field we had a pair of majestic, intertwined white pine trees.

Unfortunately, during a wind storm a couple of years ago one of the pines fell down.

I thought I would do a few drawings of the pines as I have seen them so many times in the winter with the moon glow shimmering across the ice and snow in the fields.

Moonlight 4

In the morning when the moon is setting in the west, it can often be seen peeking out from behind the branches of a grouping of three large maple trees that are at the front of the property along the western fence line.

Just before the sun rises I often see the long, cast shadows of these trees running across the snow on the track and on the rise to the infield.

Moonlight 5

Moonlight 1

I have property on the far side of the Snelgrove Brook and from there I have a clear view of my farm and at night in the moonlight it looks much like this sketch.

Moonlight 2

The view from the barn paddock overlooks the Snelgrove Brook and in the early years when we first bought the farm you could see the moon reflected in the water.

Moonlight 3

Along the east fence line by the house,the moon glow sends long fingers of cast shadow from the apple trees across the ground and creates some interesting patterns.

Moonlight 6

When I took night school classes at Sir Sanford Fleming College, I would return home late at night and would sometimes see the moonlight reflected on Chemong Lake when going through Bridgenorth.