Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tubes of Paint - Two Works in Progress

Today I am at the Kawartha Artists' Gallery and Studio in the still life class. The theme for the class is art supplies.

There was a wide variety of things to draw and/or paint. A display of a small oil plein air kit, complete with wooden box, partially finished canvas, brushed, palette and tubes of paint was on the right side of the table.

In the centre was a watercolour set, with a block of watercolour paper, a palette with paint, a set of watercolour brushes, a small container of water and a book on how to paint in watercolour.

Paint Solo 1

The third display was of acrylic paint; which had a partially completed painting on an easel, a mug with acrylic brushes, a paper palette, a spray bottle and various tubes of paint piled together on the table.

I liked the tubes of acrylic paint that were set out on the table, for the first one I chose a single tube of paint that had been partially  used and had a "key" at the end of the tube to push the paint forward so there is very little wastage.

Paint Trio 1

The second one I did featured three different tubes of paint; two of which had been well used and the ends of two of the tubes had been flattened as the paint was pushed forward and curled into interesting shapes.

One was almost at the empty of paint and the other was about halfway finished, the third one was lightly used and looked as though it was almost new.