Sunday, August 1, 2010

Battle Royale

This original 15" x 20" framed graphite pencil drawing is available for $325.00. SOLD

I have always had a fascination with mythical creatures, dragons, unicorns, phoenix, Pegasus, hippocampus and centaurs. This is just one image of many I have created.

It is also available as an 11" x 14" limited edition of 500 signed and numbered reproductions for $45.00. It can also be remarqued for an additional $25.00 Prints are shipped flat and unframed.

There are currently less than 30 prints remaining in this edition. Edition SOLD OUT

I would like to thank the Great Blue Sky Gallery for selling The Mustang (see posting on 12 June 2010) and unfortunately no information was kept about the purchaser.