Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cloud Layers - A Work in Progress

Last month I did three paintings (Against the Clouds 1-3 see post on 20 April 2011) which had a Group of Seven feel about it.

Today I wanted to do something similar.

Using cobalt blue I started the bottom layer of thunderheads with horizontal strokes. Then I painted in the upper edge of the next layer of clouds. Nest a third layer was painted softening the colour downward.

I added Antwerp blue to the cobalt blue and painted in the sky behind the clouds leaving the final edge of the highest layer of clouds.

Once the clouds were dry I painted raw sienna into some of the clouds to give a little warmth to the picture.

I will probably add trees into the foreground to have them stand out from the background clouds like I did with the ACEO.

I will post this painting when is completed.