Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sunset Island I, 3 and 4 - Three Works in Progress

Today I taught a class at The Point in Young's Point, Ontario with Cindy Allan and Norma MacEachern as my assistants.

I showed the group the one Cindy and Norma had worked on with me (see post on 26 May 17) earlier this month.

I did a small painting of the sky and water for the group using mixtures of raw sienna and burnt sienna.

All of them wanted to do the sky in the poster (see post on 03 May 2017).

Sunset Island 4

I did a large sky, warning them in advance that they must be careful so they do not end up with green in the sky where it comes in contact with the yellow.

Using a mix of Antwerp blue and French ultramarine blue the top of the sky was brushed in and while I was still wet burnt sienna and the blue mix was brushed in for the clouds.

A mix of raw sienna and burnt sienna was put into the bottom of the sky, darkened slightly and brushed across the bottom for the water.

Sunset Island 3

Most of the group were having a few problems with following along with what needed to be done so I did up two smaller pieces (one for each group) so they could see the steps.

Once they had the sky and water painted in we then broke for supper while the paint dried.

With a dark mixture of French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, we started painting in all the silhouettes beginning with the far island, its reflections in the water.

I started working on one of the small pieces to add in the rocks, trees and water ripples.

Sunset Island I

I would like to thank Mrs. Denise Coon on her purchase of Sunset Island 5.