Saturday, April 20, 2013

Four Seasons - Buckhorn Lake Sketch

After nice weather yesterday there is now more white stuff on the ground. Although it is spring winter just doesn't want to let go its hold on the temperatures.

However, each season has its own kind of magic whether it is the view from the top of my hill in the glorious golden days of autumn; or the bare tree branches weaving a pattern of shadowed beauty across the glittering new fallen snow.

Winter is followed by the arrival of spring with its gorgeous palette of yellows and greens, the return of the a wide variety of birds and early blooming flowers; leading into the hot, humid and hazy days of summer and the exquisite beauty of the garden flowers that seem to last until the frost sends them once again into hibernation.

When I came across this sketch of Buckhorn Lake and I thought this one would be ideal to try to capture the enchantment and beauty of the same scene in each of the four seasons.

I will post each painting created from this sketch as they are completed and after I decide with which media I will create them.