Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rural Outlook - A Work in Progress

Today I was painting with the Buckhorn Tuesday Painting Group and for a change decided to work in acrylic on canvas.

I used various mixtures of Hansa yellow, burnt sienna and Grumbacher red for the sky.

With cobalt blue and various mixes of the sky colours I painted in the fields starting with the one furthest away and gradually moving until the foreground field was complete.

Using various red, yellow and burnt sienna mixtures I put in the trees against the sky and the larger one behind the barn.

With mixtures of burnt sienna and cobalt blue I put in the roadway to the barn and added the fence rails on the far side of the roadway.

Next I put in the red barns, the one on the hilltop and the other one in the foreground and then I added a little titanium white to the road mixture and put on the barn roofs and the under paint for the closer fence posts.

I will post this painting later once I have completed the fence and decided if I would put people walking to the barn to start their morning chores.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and look at the artwork. I hope you will return often.