Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Farm Buildings 1-3

We had freezing rain overnight and everything was covered with a light coating of ice and I was greeted to ice pellets falling as I headed down to the barn to do the morning chores.

I decided instead of going to Buckhorn and paint with the Buckhorn Tuesday Painting Group that I would stay home and work on some drawings of farm buildings.

Run In Shed 2

I put in the main barn first and then attached a run in shed on the back of the barn. Next I added a fence for the paddock.

All that needed to be added was a tree for shade and a couple of horses.

Autumn Barn 2

Since this paper already had a few bushes in fall colours, I felt that the season may as well be autumn.

I drew in the distant fields first and added a few trees; then ran fences around the edges of the all the fields. To complete the drawing I drew in the barn.

Cattle Barn 1

I live on the top of a hill so what better place to put the barns? Then I ran the fence along a couple of pastures.

In the foreground I added a shade tree and a couple of cows.

Later in the day the ice pellets changed to snow and once again everything was white for a few hours; but by late afternoon the sun came out and once more the white stuff disappeared. It should be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.