Monday, November 7, 2016

Extendicare Display

Although the morning started out extremely foggy, today I had to go and set up my display at Extendicare, 860 Alexander Court, Peterborough, Ontario.

My friend Cindy Allan came along with me to help hang the show. She always has an eye for setting the paintings on the wall so they make a nice display.

We were fortunate in that the two artists from KAGS we were exchanging paintings with were Dorothy Conlin and Carolyn Anstee who are also Outdoor Painters.

Needless to say, "many hands make light work" is a very true proverb.

It took us less than an hour to take down the previous show and have mine unwrapped, set out and hung on the wall.

The four of us left together to enjoy the rest of what became a bright, sunny day with the temperature climbing to 66F (18.9C).

My paintings will be at Extendicare from 07 November 2016 - 02 January 2017 and if you have a chance please come out to see the exhibit.