Monday, February 29, 2016

Autumn Snow 1 and 2 - Two Works in Progress

We have a big drop in temperature from the mild weather of yesterday. The morning started off at 22F (-5.6C) and the wind making it feel like 4F (-15.6C).

Environment Canada has posted winter storm warnings in effect for today and tomorrow with wind gusts reaching 30-50mph (50-80kmph) overnight.

Needless to say my driveway was a sheet of ice and when the oil truck came in to deliver fuel, the truck kept trying to slide down the driveway on its own due to the incline and the ice.

Autumn Snow 1

After the third time, the driver went down the driveway and then backed up to get the back tires on an area of grass near the back of the house.

Today I thought I would work on two pieces at the same time that could be placed together as a diptych.

I started by sketching in the ground line to have one side of both paintings match.

From there I drew in various coniferous and deciduous trees on or above the ground, leaving space for shadows.

Autumn Snow 2

I will post both of these paintings again at a later date, once more work on them has been completed