Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Work Horses in Spring

Last night after supper and before the performance of the Fire Dancers I was awarded a certificate for having completed 50 dives while at the CoCo View Resort. I am happy with that achievement, now I get to work my way towards 100 dives there. That is just another of the many reasons to go back.

This morning I work up to a beautiful sunrise, a sore throat, migraine headache and a cough. Not exactly what I wanted for my last day of diving.

I decided to miss the morning dives and try going out for the afternoon ones. Since I was going to be staying in my beach house for the morning I thought I may as well be productive and I worked on some sketches of draft horses.

Team Mates 1

I have posted many of the sketches of the work horses in winter series (see postings on 02 September 2011 and on 23 June 2011).

I have also posted Syrup Time 1 (see post on 30 March 2011) and the sketches of Work Horses in Spring (see posting on 21 September 2011).

I plan on doing at least another seven sketches for the spring series, but not today.

Break Time 1

I am feeling a little better and the sun is still shining so I am going to go diving this afternoon and see how I feel after the first dive.