Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wine Bottle, Glass and Bowl 1 and 2

Today at KAGS the theme for the Still Life class was Candlelit Dinner.

We had a wonderful assortment of interesting things to draw and paint.

We had a silver vase filled with red roses, a candlestick with a red candle, two different wine bottles, two crystal trays, two place settings, complete with wine glasses, napkins and silverware and salad bowls.

I moved things around and did some small drawings.

Wine Bottle, Glass and Bowl 1

In the first one I did the tall dark bottle with a metal basket around it and a couple of tassels, the wine glass and the salad bowl.

On the second drawing I used the other wine bottle which was quite interesting.

It had a pour spout and a wicker base covering the bottom half of the bottle and twine winding around from the neck of the bottle just below the cork to just above the base of the pour spout.

Next I added in the wine glass and then placed the salad bowl by the bottle.

Wine Bottle, Glass and Bowl 2

I will post the two other drawings I did in the class tomorrow once the drawings have been completed.