Monday, April 15, 2013

ACEO - Hidden 1

The power came back on sometime during the night. Having no power for three days was an interesting experience that I would rather not do again anytime in the near future.

I pulled this piece out that I had started last year and did a little more work on last month (see posting on 29 December 2012 and 24 March 2013).

Using various greens created using mixtures of French ultramarine blue, Antwerp blue, burnt sienna, raw sienna and new gamboge.

First the grasses at the bottom of the painting were indicated and some of the background colour was allowed to show through.

The green leaves of the bushes were put over the blue sponge work allowing some of the blue to show through in some areas as shadows.

While this  part of the painting was drying I added some small growies into the grasses with burnt sienna.

Small branches and twigs were painted into the bushes to complete the painting.

The ACEO shown here is an original watercolour painting using Artist quality Winsor & Newton paint on 140lb. Arches 100% rag, acid free watercolour paper. It is priced at $20.00 and sold unframed.

If you would like more information about ACEO please go to my post on 11 March 2010.