Monday, April 14, 2014

Barn V

I sat on the porch and enjoyed last night's thunderstorms. The first one went on for over an hour and was often overhead and then the rain continued for a couple more hours before the second thunderstorm arrived. It was even more spectacular than the first one.

We are off to a good start this morning with the temperature at 56F (13C) and rising. I will take the welcome warmth even if rain is falling. However, I can already forecast that the summer is going to be unseasonably hot. There is no sense to complain, we will just have to take it as it comes.

Today I went to paint with the Lakefield Creative Art Guild at St. John the Baptiste Anglican Church.

I brought along a number of sketches of barns that I had started last year (see post on 25 September 2013). I decided on this one and began by fixing the barn roof, adding some windows on the long side of the building, adding doors onto the front of the building.

Next I added a fence line from the barn and along the roadway and another at the back of the pasture in front of the tree line. I added more details to the tree in the foreground.

This original 4-1/4" x 9” graphite pencil drawing will be available when matted and shrink wrapped for $40.00.