Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dusk and Nightfall

I often play with colour using a limited palette. On these two 6-1/2" x 14” watercolour paintings  I used equal parts of alizarin crimson and French ultramarine blue.

Living on the top of a hill I get to enjoy the sunrise every morning as well as the sunset every evening, weather permitting of course This is one of the reasons why I often create paintings with lots of sky.

Working back and forth on both paintings at the same time I brushed in the sky first, then added a little more pigment to darken the colour slightly and added the clouds and brushed in the water. I let the paper dry for a few minutes while I darkened the colour slightly more and painted in the distant shoreline and a few trees for background colour on the right side of the painting which will be covered up later with pine trees.


Gradually darkening the colour with more pigment I painted in layers of pine trees on an island on the right side and the reeds on the left side.

On the second painting I put in a tree covered island in the distance on the left side and added two people in a motor boat heading toward their cottage on the island.

In the late spring the flocks of Canada geese are returning from their winter quarters in the south, I decided to add a flock of geese to each painting.


The final part, using the darkest colour was to paint in the reflections of the trees and islands into the water.

These two paintings were sold together into the collection of Shear Creations of Waubaushene, Ontario. SOLD