Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drawing the German Shorthaired Pointer - Top of Head

Now it is time to get the top of the skull finished and work my way down towards the muzzle.

The first thing I filled in was the small area above the eye. It has a fair amount of high lit areas and the layers of graphite were gradually built up to blend with the surrounding area.

I then worked on finishing the solid marking at the back of the neck and below the ear; darkening the area for the shadows and using curved lines to create the illusion of roundness. Later I will put all the freckles into the coat.

Going back to the area between the eyes the shadows and highlights were slowly working in down and across the bridge of the nose to just below the stop between the eyes.

Working above the sharp edge of the cheek bone, the flat section of the cheek was put in and the shadow area below was joined to complete the front edge of the cheek bone.

The area below the eye was then filled in and some of the small veins which are close to the surface of the skin just above the cheek bone were given a little definition. I then put in the shadow beneath another of the veins just below the front edge of the cheek and across the top of the muzzle.

More detail was added to the corner of the mouth, shadowing was added along the bottom of the jaw and the hollow in the cheek where the tendons run where given a little more definition.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and look at the artwork. I hope you will return often.