Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Snow Scenes

It started off very cold 18F (-7.8C) with the wind chill this morning making it feel like 9F (-12.8C) as I headed down to the barn to do chores. Fortunately it is going to warm up to 27F (-2.7C) with the wind chill making it feel like 16F (-8.9C) and we are expected to receive more snow flurries.

I thought with more snow in the forecast I may as well do a couple of drawings of snow scenes with a building in them.

Moonlight 8

For the first one I thought a log cabin would be nice set in a snow covered field.

As I worked on the drawing, I added some smoke to the chimney and a fence in behind the cabin.

Lastly, I put a moon in behind the tall pine tree on the right side of the drawing.

Snowed In 1

For my second drawing I thought a barn would be nice set back behind a barbed wire fence.

I added some long grasses and growies poking out of the snow in the foreground.

Either of these drawings could be developed into paintings at a later time.