Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kabocha Squash and Garlic - A Work in Progress

Today at KAGS I took the first of a four day workshop with Michel St-Jean in painting representational art.

While we were waiting for all of the class to arrive we put a thin wash using our choice of neutral grey #5 or #6 for the under paint on the canvas and set it aside to dry.

We had a discussion about what to expect over the next classes and in order to keep it fairly simple we would be working on a still life, but the same techniques we are learning can be used on almost any type of painting including portraits and animals.

We were shown the Charles Barque method of drawing in order to get the proportion correct and asked to do our drawing of the still life and then transfer it by making a grid and enlarging it to fit the canvas.

I will post this piece at a later date once I am happy with the drawing and have it transferred onto the canvas.