Thursday, March 21, 2013

Asian Tea Sets - Three Works in Progress

This morning I was at KAGS with the Still Life Group and our theme was Chinese tea sets. We had three interesting displays along with two types of fans and a pair of dragon candle holders.

Traditional Chinese Tea Service

I did one sketch of each of the three displays and will need to add more detail before applying the paint.

The first was a traditional Chinese tea set with a red and orange flower design. The round tea having a pot cord wrapped handle and matching thick porcelain cups.

Japanese Dragon Moriage Tea Set

The second one was an ornate 1950's Japanese Dragon moriage tea service with a black dragon design. It featured a tall tea pot with a scrolled handle and a matching creamer and sugar bowl; as well as two demitasse tea cups and saucers.

The third grouping was simply two thin porcelain tea cups, with an Oriental plate having an image of a pair of Golden pheasants against a blue background.

I will post these pictures at a later date as more work on them is completed.

Oriental Elegance