Thursday, May 5, 2011

Algonquin Morning - A Work in Progress

This is one of the paintings (see yesterday's post for Edge of the Forest 1) we worked on in the Gary Chapman workshop at Six Foot Bay Resort.

Only three colours were used in this painting, Antwerp blue, alizarin crimson and raw sienna.

First the paper was thoroughly soaked on both sides.

Pure raw sienna was washed across the center of the painting and rolled around on the wet paper.

Next alizarin crimson was painted above and below the raw sienna, rolled around and allowed to mix with the raw sienna.

Antwerp blue was washed into the top of the sky and into the water at the bottom of the painting.

Using a mixture of Antwerp blue and raw sienna with a touch of the alizarin crimson to grey the green slightly the distant shoreline trees were painted in being careful to leave some areas of the raw sienna showing through to indicate another line of trees.

The greyed green mixture was darkened and used to paint the next closer shoreline, keeping the bottom edge soft to indicate the mist rising from the lake. This colour was also used to indicate the two closest spits of land and to indicate reflections from the trees to be painted onto them.

The mixture was darkened again and the closer trees were painted in and this colour was brushed into the bottom of the water area and to create a little movement on the water.

Rocks were lifted from the foreground spits using a wet brush.

I will post this painting again once it has been completed.