Friday, May 31, 2019

Setting up Northey's Barn Boutique Art Show

Today I went over to JoAnne Connell Northey's farm to set up the art show in her barn as some members of the Buckhorn Artists" Group did last year.

The peg board panels were already set up for me in the same space that I had last year, which I had requested.

First I brought all my paintings into the barn and as I unwrapped them I set them around the walls to be able too see them and decide where I would put them on the panels.

I started with the middle panel and placed the largest painting at the top in the centre.

This was followed by putting up my name sign on the left panel and hanging the second largest painting.

On the right panel I put three quarter sheet paintings near the top and staggered them a little bit.

I went back to the centre panel and thought I would add another barn painting, this was followed by a couple of pen and ink drawings diagonally across from each other and the last piece was another watercolour.

Next I sorted out the remaining paintings.

I set a number of paintings that had yellow, orange or red in them by the left panel.

Since the right panel already had an animal at the top I added the photographs of the pig, the cat and the pencil drawing of the horse.

I finished this panel by adding a still life and abstract painting to the bottom on the left side.

On the last panel I ran the three rubber ducks down through the centre of the panel below the boat.

Lastly, I put two paintings on each side of the rubber ducks and I will set up the tables and the small paintings up in the morning.

If you have a chance please come out to the Northey's Barn Boutique Art Show held at 1981 13th Line, in Selwyn, Ontario this weekend. The show runs from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. each day.