Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Scenes of Magnetawan Art Show

Today we went up to Magnetawan to set up the Scenes of Magnetawan art show at the Knoepfli Inn.

It is located at 5484 Highway #124, Magnetawan, Ontario.

We had made arrangements with owner Bea Kolman, to arrive at noon in time for lunch and we would also be spending the night.

After a wonderful home cooked meal we unpacked all the paintings to see what we had available and would put them throughout the dining room and lounge.

First we hung the two larger paintings in between the windows on the east wall and on the north wall.

Next we placed three smaller paintings on the north wall between the window and the west wall.

On the south side of the window on the east wall we hung three paintings with similar colours together.

After sorting through the paintings that were remaining we picked out the two larger paintings and hung them on the west wall by the kitchen.

While Sheila and Vera worked on putting paintings on that wall, Norma and I started hanging paintings on the north and east corner walls over the hutch.

We started by hanging one of the larger remaining paintings on each wall first.

This was followed by adding two acrylic paintings to go with the pen and ink drawing on the north wall.

Lastly we added a couple of smaller watercolour paintings to go with the larger one on the east wall.

Once we had finished our part of the wall, we went to help the others finish putting the paintings onto the west wall and that completed the dining room.

Now we were ready to hang the remaining paintings in the lounge area and we started by putting three paintings on the stair wall which was just outside of the dining room.

Once again Sheila and Vera took one wall and Norma and I took the other wall and we hung paintings.

With Norma being the tallest of the four of us, I helped her to hang the paintings in the corner over the piano and then the remaining paintings were hung around the deer heads mounted on the walls and near the various trophy plaques.

When we were finished we asked Bea to come in and approve how they were hung and see if there were any changes she would like to have made. Her only request was that she would appreciate it if for next year we could have some drawings and paintings of the various cottages.

Later when we went back to the cottage we all picked up our cameras and sketch books and went back out to take reference photographs of the cottages and made quick sketches while we were waiting for the bell to ring calling us in to have supper.

The Scenes of Magnetawan exhibit will run from 26 Jun - 03 Oct 18; if you have a chance to come out please contact Bea at the Knoepfli Inn to make arrangements to stay at the cottages for a vacation or to come out and view the show.