Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hung Out to Dry 1-4

Today I spent the day at the Kawartha Artists' Gallery and Studio.

In the morning I took the Still life class where the theme was Wash Day - Things Hung Out to Dry.

A clothesline was strung from the support beams in the ceiling and it didn't take long for a couple of  brightly coloured summer dresses, a white dress shirt, a pair of denim jeans, a housecoat, flannel pajama pants, a bright red satin corset and a teddy bear were hung along with a clothes pin bag.

Hung Out to Dry 1

I started with a drawing of the teddy bear with his paw through one of the straps on the corset.

The next sketch was of the white dress shirt.

What attracted me to that one was the many folds in the material and the different areas of shadows and cast shadows throughout the shirt in a wide variety of blue, blue greys and greys.

Since I have reference photographs and this sketch I may do a large painting of the shirt on the line at a later date.

Hung Out to Dry 2

Beside the shirt was a pair of black denim jeans which I started on next.

After completing the sketch of the jeans I thought it needed a little more around it, so I added a part of the white shirt on the left side and although there was a brightly coloured dress beside it I took artist's licence and changed it into a towel instead.

From there I started on another sketch of the clothes, but this time those on the far left side of the clothes line.

Hung Out to Dry 3

I placed the pajama bottoms in first with the one leg flipped up over the clothesline as though blown there by the wind and then added in the house coat beside it to the left.

Hung Out to Dry 4

I felt that the sketch needed a few more clothes so I put in part of one of the dresses on the left side and a wash cloth on the right side.