Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Therese's Oven I

Since it is going to rain all day, I thought I would like to work on this piece that I had started a few years ago (see posts on 26 August 2013 and 23 December 2016) when I was on a paint out with the KAGS Outdoor Painters' Group.

I started by working on the rocks on the oven, adding the highlights and the shadows to all of the stonework.

After working on this for a couple of hours the stonework was finally completed. It was time for a break and some lunch.

After lunch I put the wire between the fence posts and in behind the tree on the left side of the oven.

I put the tree branches on the right side of the drawing and the Virginia creeper vines on the page wire fence and growing on and around the oven.

Lastly, I added in the grasses and growies around the base of the oven, fence posts and trees.

This original 6" x 9" pen and ink when it has been matted and shrink wrapped will be available for $75.00.