Friday, July 13, 2012

Autumn Birches 1 and 2 - Two Works in Progress

Today I was the half day at the Bobcaygeon Art show.

It was hot and humid as was expected but we were fortunate in the school house that with all the doors and windows open we did get a little bit of a breeze going through the building.

With it being Friday and most people are coming up to the cottage today there wasn't a huge number of people in attendance, but many did come out to enjoy the concert.

Autumn Birches 2

These are the two of the pieces I started today and will be working on while at the show.

I forgot to take a photograph of  this one before I started adding the markings on the birches, but it is pretty much the same as the one where I did remember.

I will post my progress as I work on them over the weekend.

Autumn Birches 1