Monday, September 26, 2011

ACEO - Distant Hills 1 and 2

This is a painting which shows how to create the illusion of distance by keeping the sky fairly high key.

Having the far off hills a little darker but still fairly light in colour, soft and without a lot of detail.

The foreground is darker in value with fairly detailed trees.

Distant Hills 1

This is another example of creating distance even though the colours are much brighter.

The sky has more detailed clouds. There are different layers in the background; each showing a little more detail the closer they come to the foreground. The closest trees again are more detailed and have a much darker value.

If you would like more information about ACEO please go to my post on 11 March 2010.

The ACEO shown here are all original watercolour paintings using Artist quality Windsor & Newton paint on 300lb. Arches 100% rag, acid free watercolour paper. They are priced at $20.00 each and sold unframed.

Distant Hills 2