Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coon Lake I-X - Ten Works in Progress

It is so nice having Ron home during the early part of the week as we can get away and go out in the canoe when the lakes aren't as busy with all the weekend cottagers.

Even though the skies were overcast with a brisk wind blowing making the weather a little on the cool side for a summer day in July we enjoyed ourselves.

Coon Lake IV

Today we went on Coon Lake as it is located on the north side of Highway 28 just east of Burleigh Falls.

It wasn't very far away, especially with the chance of rain in the forecast; we didn't want to spend our time driving instead of being out on the water.

Once we had the canoe and our gear unloaded and into the water we paddled as usual to the end of the lake and allowed the current to carry us back to the launch site.

Coon Lake VI

The lake isn't all that large although it does reach depths of 50' (15.24m) with the average depth being around 22' (6.7m).

What I enjoyed was exploring the irregular shoreline and the many small bays and inlets.

As we headed toward the shallower north west end of the lake we came across a rundown cottage on a small island.

I did a couple of sketches of and made sure I had plenty of reference photographs.

Coon Lake VII

It was one of those unique fixer uppers and perhaps we will find out who owns the place and if they would be willing to sell. It would be another project for the future.

While going around the back part of the island I had to keep a sharp eye out for submerged logs and rock shoals just below the surface of the water. It was very weedy but it had a multitude both the yellow and the white lily pads.

As we drifted back towards the southeast section of the lake there were a number of steep rocky drop offs.

Coon Lake IX

Ron had a great time catching four large mouth bass, a small mouth bass, a sunfish and a small muskellunge all of which we live released back into the lake.

I was fortunate to be able to get photographs of a Great Blue Heron fishing near the shore and took as many photographs as possible until we got too close and he flew further down the lake.

I did a number of sketches of the lake, shoreline, trees, birds and the water lilies and also took a lot of reference photographs.

Coon Lake X

I should be able to produce many paintings over the winter of Coon Lake.

Coon Lake VIII

I know it won't be long before we return to Coon Lake.

Coon Lake I

On the way home we stopped at the Burleigh Falls Lodge Resort and had supper in their Island Grill restaurant where we enjoyed their fish and chips.

Coon Lake II

It was a wonderful way to end the day and the rain held off until we made it safely home.

Coon Lake III

Coon Lake V