Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Man 1 - A Work in Progress

Going through a file folder today I came across two paintings (see post on 23 February 2013) with a little colour at the bottom and decided they would make ideal winter scenes.

The curved side at the bottom, of the painting seemed an ideal place to put a large snowman.

I had to decide whether to do a traditional snowman or to do the more sculpted kind with a long body and arms.

After doing a couple of small sketches of both kinds I decided to do a traditional snowman.

I remember making so many of them as a child and also with Christine when she was young. We would roll the three snowballs with the large one on the bottom; together we would lift the middle sized one on top and a smaller one for the head.

I added a scarf, top hat, a carrot for a nose and the eyes and buttons made of coal.

Lastly, I also added the arms made from branches to complete the drawing.

I will use this drawing on the painting originally called Abstract A and change the name to Snowman 1.

I will post this piece at a later date once I have transferred the drawing onto the paper and started painting the snowman.