Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cottage Country 1 - A Work in Progress

After a long and very hard winter the snowdrops in my rock garden finally decided to bloom. I have never had them wait until May to see them.

I spent a couple of hours of clearing out the debris that accumulated over the winter in the rock garden and I thought I would go inside, have lunch and then work on a painting.

I wanted get the sky and water in on this piece that I had started a while ago (see post on 05 June 2014).

First, I wet the paper and using aureolin put the first part of the sky and reflections on top and below the horizon line. This was followed by brushing in new gamboge above and below the first layer of paint for the sky and the reflections.

With a mixture of French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna I brushed in the darker clouds into the top of the sky and into the reflections at the bottom of the lake, as well as adding a few clouds into the sky and their reflections into the water.

I also added a few darker areas into the sky and water using burnt sienna and new gamboge.

I will post this painting at a later date once work on the islands has been completed.