Saturday, February 23, 2013

Abstract A and B - Two Works in Progress

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to play with colour and what better way than to do a couple of abstract paintings.

With it being a fairly cool day with some snow still on the ground I decided that I would use a couple of warm colours that would remind me of the various colours which are reflected off snow on a sunny day in winter.

Using French ultramarine blue and a touch of alizarin crimson I started at the bottom of both paintings so they would have similar colours and I could work back and forth between the two pieces at the same time.

Abstract A

Using the brush I wet a few areas and then dropped the colour into them.

Next I changed the various shapes as well as the mixtures of blue and red and softened some of the colours as I painted by adding more water.

I added a little bit of pure cobalt blue to the bottom of each piece as well.

Abstract B

I had planned on doing more to these two paintings but had unexpected company arrive.

I will post each of these paintings as more work on them is completed.