Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn Leaves IV - A Work in Progress

Today I was teaching the basic watercolour class at KAGS.

I thought I would do "cheater" leaves today for an easy start to paintings of autumn with my beginner painters.

I brought in a number of freshly fallen leaves and had my students paint on the back or front of the leaves and place them on a piece of watercolour paper and press them firmly to transfer the paint.

Each student made their own arrangement and selected the colours for the leaves.

Once they were happy with what they had on the paper they had to firm up the outline lightly with pencil so there were definite edges to their leaves and it was at this point that they added the stems to the leaves.

Next a dark mixture of either browns, greys, purples or black or a combination of the colours was to be applied.

Each student chose their own colour combination and started to put the colour around behind the leaves to the penciled edge.

I will post the completed painting next week and the start of the second way of painting autumn leaves.