Thursday, February 9, 2012

On the Beach - A Work in Progress

Today it was my turn to bring in the subject matter for the Still Life class at KAGS and the theme was the Beach.

With having visited various islands in the Caribbean I had many things to bring in that could be found on almost any beach. A wide variety of seashells, a sand crab, colourful beach cover ups, floppy brimmed sunhats, tanning oils, sunscreen, seagulls, a treasure chest filled with beach jewellery and even a bottle of rum.

It was a good thing that the display was set up to allow people to go completely around the table rather than putting up a backdrop and having the people crowded together with just one side being available.

Today we had the largest number of artists attend the Still Life class ever. It was nice to see more people taking an interest once they found that it was a lot of different themes rather than just traditional still life.

I did a sketch of one corner of the display complete with seagull, beach hat, cover up and of course a bottle of rum.

As I complete more of this painting I will post it at a later date.