Thursday, June 26, 2014

Barn XII

Today was a very busy day for me; but a least it is a bright and sunny day with the temperature climbing to 79F (26C) but with the humidity it feels like 84F (29C). Fortunately, there was a breeze and while driving I had my sun roof open on the car and the air conditioner on which made things comfortable.

First I went to Lang Pioneer Village and got my paintings from the McKelvie Gallery and while I was there, I took some photographs before I went out with some of my fellow KAGS Outdoor Painters' Group artists for lunch in Keene.

From there I headed out to The Lindsay Gallery to pick up my painting from the juried art show and then returned home and where I had planned to do some work in my garden.

Instead I sat in the shade of one of the apple trees near the barn and did this drawing of the fronts of the east and the west barns. It was a peaceful way to end the day.