Friday, June 14, 2019

Old Shed I

Today I wanted to complete this drawing that I had started many years ago (see posts on 13 July 2013, 03 March 2017 and 16 May 2018).

I started by completing the roof on the building and put in an area to show where the tin was beginning to lift.

From there I proceeding to finish the wooden boards on the side of the  building, leaving areas where the wood had rotted and started to show the inside of the shed.

Next I put in the second wooden barrel on the far side of the boards leaning against the building and added some grasses and growies at its base.

Lastly, after deciding that I wasn't going to put a door on the building, I darkened in the open doorway.

This original 9" x 12" pen and ink drawing when matted and framed will be available for $150.00.