Monday, January 31, 2011

Below the Falls - A Work in Progress

The areas of rocks, the waterfall and some of the sparkle on the water was masked out first.

Once the masking fluid was dry the paper was wet with water. A wash of Antwerp blue and raw sienna was painted in vertically above the rocks and horizontally below them.

As the paper started to dry using a sponge and a mixture of French ultramarine blue and raw sienna the background trees were painted above the rocks. The painting was left to dry completely.

The masking was removed from the rock area. Leaving the sparkle on the water and the areas of white on the waterfall were masked out again and allowed to dry.

The rocks were washed over with mixtures of French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, leaving areas of white paper where the sunlight would touch the tops of the rocks.

A little of the greyed blue was washed into the waterfall and into the foreground water.

I will post this painting at a later date once more is completed.

Thank you for looking at my artwork.