Thursday, February 6, 2014

Porcelain and Brass - Three Works in Progress

This morning I had to shovel my vehicle out from yesterday's snow storm which gave us another five inches (13cm) of snow on top of everything else that we have received so far this winter before I could go to the still life class at KAGS this morning.

We had a lovely display of Oriental porcelain, pottery, brass items and a sculpture of a five headed dragon. With such a multitude of interesting subject matter I decided to break it down into three separate pieces.

The first was of Oriental porcelain, a clay tea pot and a fan set on a red and gold patterned cloth.

Oriental Pottery

The next sketch was of the section with the two brass bowls with a black lacquered porcelain vase that was inlaid with ivory.

I didn't like the position of the vase so I took artist's licence and moved it over.

I look forward to painting the reflected red from the cloth into the brass.

Brass and Porcelain

The final sketch that I started but didn't have time to finish was of a pewter plate, the small brass bowl and the dragon sculpture.

Brass, Pewter and Dragons

After lunch I sat the Abstracting from Life show at the Gallery in the afternoon before returning home.

I will post these pieces after the drawings are completed and I have started to apply paint.