Thursday, April 17, 2014

Long Lake XI and XII - Two Works in Progress

Today I was going through some photographs that I had taken last year on the two occasions that we went out on Long Lake (see posts on 15 June and 14 September 2013).

One of the things I enjoy seeing are the magnificent rock faces of pink granite which surround some of the inlets on the lake and the rocky islands that are scattered throughout the lake.

Long Lake XI

I started working on a couple of the sketches with pen and ink. The first one of was of a rock face with a few pines that had taken root at the top of the rocks.

Long Lake XII

The second was of a small island with a weathered pine tree surrounded by dead trees.

Each of these original 5-1/2" x 9” pen and ink drawings when matted and shrink wrapped will be available for $40.00.