Monday, July 31, 2017

Scenes of Magnetawan

Today Norma MacEachern and I went up to the Knoepfli Inn, at 5484 Highway 124 in Magnetawan, Ontario to hang the Scenes of Magnetawan art exhibit.

Once we arrived we brought almost 50 paintings into the Inn, unpacked them and placed them on the tables so we could see what we had to hang.

We picked the largest paintings first as focal points and would place the smaller paintings around them to make a pleasing arrangement.

Two of the larger paintings were placed in between the windows.

Next three brightly coloured paintings were put on the wall by the stairs.

Two larger paintings were put onto the main wall with a smaller one to be the centre between them.

First a smaller painting was placed over the light switches.

The remaining four spaces were filled in with paintings having similar frames, colours or subject matter.

Working on the next wall three paintings by one artist whose style was completely different than any of the artists were hung.

On another of the smaller walls in the main dining room we hung three paintings together that had darker wood frames and had orange, green and yellow colours that went well together.

We moved onto the hutch in the corner of the dining room and started with two larger paintings first.

Keeping to green, grey and pastel colours we placed paintings that went well with the larger pieces.

Now that the dining room was completed we started into the lounge area.

First we placed a large vertical painting on each of the corner walls behind the piano which were brightly coloured and would attract attention.

The rest of the areas required smaller paintings.

That would be placed around the mounted deer heads and annual fishing tournament plaques hanging on the walls.

Below the plaque a single painting was hung that had a frame of the same wood as the plaque.

Around the first deer head two paintings were placed that had autumn colours which added a bright spot to the room.

On the last wall four paintings were hung having either neutral tones or autumn colours.

The Scenes of Magnetawan exhibit will be at the Knoepfli Inn from 31 July to 04 October 2017, hopefully some of you will be able to go out and enjoy the show.