Friday, October 24, 2014

Horses Standing 1-6 - Six Works in Progress

After visiting one of my friends in Bobcaygeon, on my way back home I came across a field with a number of horses relaxing in the shade under a couple of big maple trees close by the road.

I pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and stopped.

As usual I almost always have a sketch book, pencils and the camera with me. After getting out of the car and taking a couple of reference photographs.

I started sketching each of the horses as a separate animal without any overlapping.

Standing 4

There were a number of different kinds of horses to draw.

The first one was an older paint mare who stood peacefully with her head down and eyes half closed totally relaxed.

The next one was a very active thoroughbred cross who watched me the entire time I was there sketching.

She nervously moved constantly never staying in one spot for long.

Standing 5

There was a yearling in among the group who preferred to be as close to the paint mare as possible, probably because she offered a calming effect and a sense of security.

Standing 1

Next was an Arab cross with a lovely dished face and lots of chrome; having four white legs, a blaze and a long flaxen mane and tail.

Standing 2

The heavy weight hunter was a rich dark brown, well put together gelding, without a spot of white on him.

Standing 3

The last one was a handsome, buckskin Quarter Horse with a striking contrast between the black points and the golden coloured coat.

Standing 6

I will post each of the sketches at a later date once the outline drawing has been completed.

Eventually I may even put all of them into one painting just as they were in the shade under the maples. Only time will tell.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and look at the artwork. I hope you will return often.