Sunday, July 6, 2014

Koi 1 and 2 - Two Works in Progress

Today I printed out a copy of Koi Pond (see post on 21 May 2014) and worked on sketches of Koi on tracing paper to fit this smaller version.

This will take a lot less time and at a later date can be enlarged to fit the canvas which is 27-1/2" x 35-1/2".

I did about a dozen rough outline sketches of koi in various positions.

Koi 2

I picked two of the sketches and transferred them onto small pieces of watercolour paper and I will experiment with the various colours, colour patterns and scale textures.

I will also have to do some research on the twenty plus types of koi and the various colour patterns associated with each variety so they can be more realistic.

Koi 1

I will post each of these paintings at a later date when they have been completed.