Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home - A Work in Progress

Everything is set up here in Kingston and I have been enjoying the Eastern Ontario Labrador Breeders Association 10th Anniversary Specialty Show and the Limestone Kennel Club Dog Show.

It seems everywhere I look there are images which would be ideal as paintings, so I am doing many rough sketches before I lose the idea as well as taking a lot of photographs of the different breeds of dogs.

This is a painting of my farm very early in the morning just as the sun is starting to come up over the distant hills on the other side of the Snelgrove Brook. Nothing has disturbed the freshly fallen snow from the night before.

The painting is about half finished. I have to paint the house and have to decide whether I would like to have a light on in the kitchen window. Then there are a few more details that need to be added to the barns.

Not a lot of the track shows with all the snow covering the ground when you look at the house from the far turn on the track. There are still a number of trees along the edge of the track that have to be added which will give a little more depth to the painting as well as adding the growies that are in the infield and tall enough to stick up out of the snow.

I will post this later after doing more work on this piece.