Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I'm Cute - A Work in Progress

Today I taught an art class on painting a Holstein cow at The Point in in Young's Point, Ontario.

I had the outline drawing of the image already drawn out on a template for the class and all they had to do was transfer it onto their stretched canvas.

Once that was done I had them paint in the sky using a mix of ultramarine blue and titanium white.

Next I had them do the muzzle and nostrils of the cow using various mixes of ultramarine blue, titanium white and Grumbacher (naphthol) red before we took a break for supper.

When we returned they started with the black areas on the cow using Mars black as the base and the highlights were various mixtures of the black with titanium white added.

Titanium white was painted into the white parts of the cow as the base and the shadow colour in the white areas was the same colour mixtures that were used in the black areas for the highlights.

I needed to help most of my students with painting the eyes.

For the most part they could get the brown part of the eye painted in with burnt sienna, but then had problems with the placement of the black pupil and the white highlight.

I will post this painting at a later date once more of the cow has been completed.