Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Koi 5 and 6 - Two Works in Progress

Today I did another fourteen sketches of koi for the painting called Koi Pond that I had started as an abstract showing movement in a class I took in the spring (see post on 21 May 2014).

I think I now have enough sketches of koi on tracing paper in various sizes and positions that my next step is to cut them out and place them onto the photocopies of the background.

Koi 5

Once I am happy with their placement on the photocopy I will tape them into place and after doing all four I know in which direction the panel should go and at that point I will have the sketches enlarged to the size to fit on the panel.

Koi 6

As usual I took two of the sketches and transferred them onto smaller pieces of watercolour paper which I will post at a later date once they have been painted.