Sunday, January 26, 2014


It was -14F (-25.6C) and it had been bright and sunny even though the snow was crunching under my feet as I headed down to do the barn chores. That was all changed in less than an hour as the sun was hidden behind clouds and it had started to snow and the wind was picking up again.

I came across a couple of old sketch books that I used back in the early 70's. My art work certainly has changed a fair amount since then.

This is a drawing I had started of one of my second horse. Her name when I purchased her for back board was Co-Co and no one knew that she was in foal until she presented me with a lovely filly.

I later registered her with the Pinto Horse Association as Freedom's Lady Anne. She was very versatile and was shown in Conformation Hunter over Fences and Under Saddle, Pleasure Driving, Western Pleasure, Trail, Reining, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole and Flag Race.